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In the Chasms of Water, Stone, and Light:

Passages Through the Grand Canyon

"In his latest book, Indian Country, John Annerino—famed photographer and writer of America's desert Southwest and Old Mexico—went in search of clues that would unlock the mysteries of places sacred to the native peoples of the Colorado Plateau, Great Plains, Sierra Madre, and Sonoran Desert. Along the way he chronicled his astonishing pilgrimage, capturing in remarkable photographs and evocative words a world that few of us have been privileged to glimpse, let alone partake in."--from the Publisher, W.W. Norton, New York. Sales Territory: Worldwide. Southwest Book of the Year

"John Annerino portrays the astonishing beauty of the U.S.-Mexico Vanishing Borderlands and contrasts those with images of the conflict that threatens to destroy them. Annerino canoed the Río Grande/Río Bravo del Norte through the legendary Big Bend Frontier, walked treacherous immigrant trails like Arizona's El Camino del Diablo (The Road of the Devil), explored borderlands jaguar country on foot, and came to know the resilient people who live, work, and cling to the traditions on both sides of the border. Along the way he chronicled his perilous journeys through this "geography of chaos," capturing in remarkable photographs and evocative essays the stunning landscapes whose fragile environment is threatened by today's politics."--from the Publisher. Southwest Book of the Year, "Best Reading"

"Instantly capturing our attention with his passionate foreword, Annerino shares the euphoria one experiences standing in one of America's most dramatic landscapes: the Colorado Plateau. Known as one of the last great wilderness regions of North America, Colorado Plateau’s remote and unforgiving terrain is beautifully rendered in 126 colour images. Naturally formed arches take on the appearance of gateways to ancient cities, and each boulder becomes a totem from the prehistoric world. Drawing upon anthropological insights this landscape offers, Annerino showcases in all its glory . . .the American West."
-- Outdoor Photography Magazine, London, UK

Award winning photographer, author, and photojournalist John Annerino has been working in the American West and the frontier of Old México for 25 years, documenting its natural beauty, indigenous people, and political upheaval. A veteran contract photographer for the Liaison International and TimePix photo agencies in New York and Paris, and Marka Graphic Photo in Milano, John's photography is archived in the Time-Life Picture Collection and has appeared in scores of prestigious publications worldwide, including Time, LIFE, People, Newsweek, Scientific American, Travel & Leisure, The New York Times, and National Geographic Adventure. His acclaimed collection of distinguished books feature diverse interests, geographies, and cultures, and range from his most cherished photographic essay, Indian Country: Sacred Ground, Native People, to his most heart wrenching book, Dead in Their Tracks. His celebrated single-artist calendars include Desert Light, Inspiration, La Virgen de Guadalupe, and Mayan Long Count Calendar. John's lifetime commitment to publishing illuminates his "passion to document endangered places, peoples, cultures, and traditions."

S P E C I A L   P R O J E C T S   P H O T O G R A P H E R

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Exploration, Adventure & Discovery. John Annerino has spent most of his life exploring the American West and Old Mexico – as a photojournalist, adventurer, and scholar of Southwestern history. Among many explorations by foot, raft, rope, camera, and pen, John has worked as a wilderness educator and guide on the Colorado Plateau, in Arizona, and northwest Mexico; a heli-tac wildlands fire crew boss in Alaska, Washington, and the West; and a white-water boatman on the Colorado, Green and Yampa, Forks of the Kern, and Upper Salt Rivers. Tracing ancient Indian paths, John ran the length of the Grand Canyon by three different routes and recounted his harrowing adventures of historical sleuthing in Running Wild. Those journeys, and later a 750 mile journey run from Mexico to Utah across daunting Arizona wilderness, were the basis for John to lead the first modern crossing of the infamous El Camino del Diablo, "The Road of the Devil," on foot, mid-summer. John was honored to research and author the National Geographic ADVENTURE map, “The Grand Canyon Explored." now on display as a wall mural at the National Geographic Grand Canyon Visitor Center He later returned to the haunted canyons of his youth to investigate the unsolved mystery and death of the 75 year old cold case of gold seeker Adolph Ruth by retracing his fateful footsteps through the Great Southwest’s deadliest wilderness for his investigative adventure book, Exploring the Superstitions

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